A new kind of connection.....

Ever wonder what really gets your creativity recharged? Why do you get a wild idea that you just are compelled to pursue in your creative outlet? Is it something you see or something you hear or smell or feel? Or is it something you meditate on or contemplate, filling out the barren corners of a wisp of a dream vision? Do you believe that you live as an island of your own vision and create your own reality? Or do you think that your relationships with others affects you greatly and brings you new ideas, new paths to travel and new ways of seeing?

Well, if you are like me, all of the above play a part in the creative process. I just finished a long phone call with a fellow creative, a friend over in Europe who I have emailed with for a few years. It was a first, our first voice communication, and it was such a pleasure to hear the voice and be "real" with each other that we indulged ourselves for a long time. We'd never called before what with the prices of phone service overseas. So we spent much time - probably making up for lost time - talking about our work and our passions for it, how we see and why we see and how people see differently and at different depth of vision. Sure we have written each other about these things but there is something to be said for the emotion contained in and communicated through the human voice. What a great new facet to the relationship....

And speaking of creativity, what a great creative new world we live in these days. So many innovations, so many tools to communicate -- it's an exciting time to be alive. This communication, our first call, was done over the internet, computer to computer but sounding just like an excellent traditional phone connection. Best of all, it was free. Completely and totally free for both of us. Pretty cool this VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. The service is called Skype .

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a whirl. Simple to use, it even includes an instant messenger client and offers conference calls, for free, with other Skype users. I've just begun using the completely free service but they also have some excellent rates to use it to call people with traditional phones and to let those types call you on your Skype line (SkypeOut and SkypeIn). And it looks like they have a Voicemail service also in the works. I won't be surprised if this company ends up with a huge user base from what I see so far. I'll be checking out these other options but for right now I am just going to have some great conversations with the few friends I have who are fellow Skype users.

I've got an overflowing head full of new creative avenues to explore from this conversation tonight. I love it - I'll take creative stimulation any way I can find it. But it's cool when the latest technology has a hand in ushering it in. Like I said, it's a great time to be alive......wonder what comes next? And, hey, if you get Skype, "Skype me, baby!"

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Nice images.. It's always fun to have other creatives help and discuss ideas. The blog is a fun way to try different things and keep those creative juices flowing. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog site!

Scott Indermaur