putting on the brakes.....

putting on the brakes
... stopping on a dime, preparing to take a new direction.... Wow, it seems I'm into automotive metaphors lately. Just wanted to share this cool shot and then it got me musing on direction, motion and taking drastic steps, like putting on the brakes this strongly. There always seems to be at least a few aspects of life that could use strong brakes or at least better reining. But many times we choose the soft and gentle way to make the change. I'm not sure what is better - maybe they are both right depending on the circumstance. I've got a few direction changes coming up although my brakes won't be nearly this strong. How about you?


tail light....

tail light

..... in motion here. Swoosh! And Swish! The light was so pretty on this softly curving tail in mid-stride ..... but looking at this now, it reminds me to think about: being stuck behind tail lights, what kind of tail lights I am leaving behind for others, what type of tail lights have I been following, forgetting about tail lights and concentrating on headlights, tail lights in motion and tail lights standing still. So many facets to what at first glance seems to be such a simple and ordinary thing, tail lights. What do they make you think of?


thank you...

good job, what a ride!
...thank you, thank you! Ever notice how accomplishing most things means some level of partnership? This lovely pair achieved a beautiful ride together at this dressage show, after lots and lots of work at home. I know this rider was thinking about all the hours of tedious work that had now culminated in this wonderful payoff of a lovely few minutes in harmony in front of the judge.

Life is like that. Work is like that.

So "thank you" to all my partners, to those who make my work possible and to those who help me be the best I can be in my work.

And it goes without saying to all those who do the same in my life. Know you are so very much appreciated! Thank you...


on a frosty Tucson morning....

cold but colorful

.... a rider warms up her horse for their dressage test. We don't typically see quarter blankets and parkas here in the desert but it's been very cold for much of this winter. It's a novelty in a way, for me, a throwback to growing up back East. Regardless of chattering teeth, it was fun watching all that steamy breath of athletes exercising against a beautiful backdrop such as this sunrise.