Geometry, Shadows and the Horse who visited today...

Busy day today, at midday taking Mom for her checkup (all is good :) and then shopping. We selected lots of the season's luscious fruits and veggies at the local produce market and I parked the Beetle very close to the front door at home to make unloading easier and to help keep Mom out of this dreadful heat (109 today) as it takes her awhile to make it in from the usual parking spot.

All those purchases translated to quite a reworking of storage in the refrigerator and fruit baskets. The counter looks like a farm stand. This kind of shopping almost always evolves into cleaning drawers and shelves, beginning prep work, etc., so by late late afternoon, I was ready for a quick break before beginning dinner preparations.

With an icy cold pineapple coconut spritzer, a fan at full blast and planning to check e-mail and facebook I logged onto the laptop in the living room and mindlessly put on the TV to hear what the headlines might be. This isn't a usual place for me at this time of day but scrolling through my e-mails, I heard something of interest on TV and looked up ....

Lo and behold, there "she" was, a shadow horse prancing on the open door of the armoire that holds the TV. "She" is a silly wooden child's carousel statue that I picked up a garage sale almost 2 decades ago, just after I got my mare, Sugee. "She" was bare wood and I decided to paint her with the browns, blacks and whites of Sugee's bay roan Appaloosa snowflake varnish coloring. And, of course, her little white left front "sugar foot" which is the basis for her name, Sugee -- a little girl owned her when she was very young and could not say "Sugar Foot", so it was Sugee and everyone has always called her that since.

So with the little statue, if "she" was going to live in the house and look like Sugee, well, "she" needed a mane and tail, so I trimmed some of Sugee's and made her a standup mane to match Sug's wild punk rocker look. And, back then, I loved riding bareback all around the desert in a halter, so I put just a silken rope halter on her. "She" is small, only about a foot tall but has always just been hanging around the house, here and there, a bit whimsical or a bit tucked away and, after all these years, "she" kind of blends into the background on the windowsill.

I don't ride any more and Sugee is 30 now, retired, blind yet still enjoying her golden years. But it was a sweet feeling this late afternoon to see that beautiful outline there right in front of me, like a gift of remembrance of good times, in a place and time I never expected.

How does the geometry fit in? Well, I think the sun does not normally hit this armoire door. As I said, I'm not usually looking at this door at this time of day at this time of the year, so I'm not 100% sure about that. I'm thinking the reason "she" showed up today as a dancing shadow to remind me of lovely things is because of the geometry of sunlight specific to today. I believe it struck the reflective windows on my Beetle parked at an angle "just so" not far from the living room window. And then it beamed back into the north window and passed over her to cast the lovely shadow for me onto a door standing "just so" ..... I'm going to check tomorrow and see if "she" shows up after the Beetle is moved back to its place. But I bet "she" won't and that today was just a special little message of good memories.... "just because". I like when things like this happen, those smiles that are granted like little random blessings from the universe. They sure make life fun.